Session 54:
Social Determinants of Adult Obesity in the U.S.

Thursday, April 11
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Napoleon A1
3rd Floor

Chair: Rachel T. Kimbro, Rice University
Discussant: Jarron M. Saint Onge, University of Kansas

  1. The Effect of Maternal and Own Education on BMI Trajectories from Adolescence to AdulthoodElizabeth H. Baker, University of Alabama at Birmingham

  2. The Weight of Reality: What Does It Mean when Some Young Adults Have Incongruent Perceptions of Their Individual Weight Classifications?Anna Bellatorre, University of Nebraska at Lincoln; Bridget J. Goosby, University of Nebraska at Lincoln

  3. Growing Waistlines in the U.S.: Race/Ethnicity, Nativity and Period Trends in Body Mass among U.S. AdultsPatrick M. Krueger, University of Colorado at Denver; Kate Coleman-Minahan, University of Colorado at Denver; Ronica Rooks, University of Colorado at Denver

  4. Obesity and Mortality Risk: New Findings from BMI TrajectoriesHui Zheng, Ohio State University; Dmitry Tumin, Ohio State University; Zhenchao Qian, Ohio State University

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