Associations between Heart Attack, Stroke and Arthritis and Disability Levels among European Older Populations

Liili Abuladze, Tallinn University
Julia Klein, Tallinn University
Luule Sakkeus, Tallinn University
Kati Karelson, Estonian Interuniversity Population Research Centre and Estonian National Institute for Health Development

This paper explores the associations between heart attack, stroke, arthritis and disability in different European welfare states among the 50+ population. 16 European countries are included, based on SHARE fourth wave data. Disability is measured by using both ADL and IADL instruments combined into three scales (basic, medium, complex) in order to reflect different levels of disability and to assess the needs of all population groups comprehensively. Women’s risk of complex disability is high in four East European countries in the case of heart attack, the risk increases also in Southern Europe in the case of stroke and arthritis. Men’s risk of complex disability is highest in Estonia in the case of all chronic diseases. Men from Southern Europe and Czech Republic fare best in terms of all disability risks in case of most of the chronic diseases. For heart attack and stroke, also Francophone men show small disability risks.

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