Neonatal Mortality in South Asia - Trends, Differentials and Determinants

Manish Singh, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)
Sulabha Parsuraman, International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS)

Objectives: 1. To study the level of mortality on the first day, first week and first month in, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan at two different points, i.e. in 1990s and 2006-2007. 2. To study the differential in mortality on First day, First week and First month of birth by demographic and socio-economic characteristics. 3. To study the relative role of maternal health care, birth characteristics and socio-economic characteristics of mother in determining mortality on the First day, First week and First month of birth. Methods: Data used in this study are taken from Demographic and Health Survey, India DHS (1992-93, 2005-06), Bangladesh DHS (1993-94, 2007), Nepal DHS (1996, 2006), Pakistan DHS (1990-91, 2006-07). A Binary Logistic Regression analysis has been used to identify the characteristics- Socio-economic variables, Demographic variables and Maternal Health care- having statistically significant effect on Very early neonatal mortality, Early neonatal mortality and Neonatal mortality.

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