Contextual Influences on the Use of Antenatal Care in Nigeria

Dorothy Ononokpono, University of Uyo

Antenatal care is one of the major interventions recommended to reduce maternal mortality. Previous studies on the use of antenatal care have focused on individual and household level factors. However, the role of community characteristics has been largely ignored. The study examined community factors associated with antenatal care utilization in Nigeria using data from 2008 Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey. We estimated multilevel models that assessed the predictive values of individual and community factors. Living in communities with a high proportion of women who delivered in a health facility was associated with antenatal care. Whereas residence in high poverty communities decreased the odds of having four or more antenatal care visits, residing in communities with a high proportion of educated women was not significantly related to antenatal care utilization. The use of antenatal care may be enhanced by targeting poverty reduction programs and increasing institutional delivery in disadvantaged communities.

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