Comparative Study of Type of Modern Contraceptive Use beyond Completing Ideal Family Size in Northern India

Kushagra Gupta, Banaras Hindu University
K.K. Singh, Banaras Hindu University
Brijesh P. Singh, Banaras Hindu University

Fertility rates in developing countries have declined rapidly in the recent past years because of implementation of a large number of family planning programs for reducing the fertility rates. These family planning programs enhance the knowledge and importance of the contraception and thus it supports the use of contraceptive in the society. The objectives of these family planning programs are not only to increase the number of contraceptive user but also to access contraceptives to needy persons. Population wise Uttar Pradesh is the biggest state of India and the fertility behavior of this region affects the fertility of India. In the present study the type of current contraceptive use has been carried out to those couples who achieve their ideal family size. This study is beneficial for further implementation of family planning program.

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Presented in Poster Session 1