Levels and Causes of Adolescent Mortality in South Africa

Clifford O. Odimegwu, University of the Witwatersrand

Most studies on mortality focus on under- five children and adults (18+). However between these ages lie an important population of adolescents (10- 19 years old). The levels and numbers of adolescent mortality are not very high in South Africa, it is noted here that it is increasing over time. This study uses descriptive statistics, age-specific mortality rates, proportional mortality ratios and life table techniques to examine the levels and causes of adolescent mortality in South Africa. Data from the 2001 Census and 2007 Community Survey are used. Findings from this paper show that mortality is highest among Africans(19,575 in 2001 and 51, 761 in 2007) and for adolescents with primary level of education (50% in 2001 and 46% in 2007). Further, this paper shows that in 2007, life expectancy in the absence of unnatural causes of death would increase to 56 years among younger adolescents and 51 years for older adolescents.

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