Unmet Need for Contraception among Men in Zambia: Implications for Family Planning Programs

Eunice N.S. Imasiku, University of Zambia

Despite the concept of unmet need for contraception undergoing some considerable revision and refinement, research has continued emphasizing on women largely ignoring men. However, it is unacceptable to ignore men’s unmet need considering that reducing it translates into lowering fertility. Using 2007 Zambia Demographic and Health Survey, we estimated the level of unmet need for currently married men and examined its determinants. Results indicate that unmet need for spacing, limiting and total was 28.0%, 19.5% and 47.5%, respectively. In addition unmet need was significantly lower among men with secondary and higher education than those with no education. Men from rich households were significantly less likely to have unmet need than those from poor households. Married men in Zambia have a high level of unmet need. Family planning services are not meeting men’s demand for family planning. Concerted efforts should be made for family planning programmes to target men as well.

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