The Risk of HIV Infection among Married Women in Zimbabwe: Does Living Arrangement Matter? Evidence from 2005-06 Zimbabwe Demographic Health Surveys

Jeremy J. D. Gumbo, University of the Witwatersrand

Background:Research has identified that spousal separation often results in high risk sex behaviors due to poor spousal monitoring, which increases risk of HIV infection. Objective: This study used cross sectional study design to analyze the relationship between HIV infection and married women’s living arrangement. Methods: Participants are 4,191 women drawn fro Zimbabwe DHS, and logistic regression was used to isolate the effects of living arrangement on HIV infection. Results: Women not living with their spouses under same roof had lower risk of HIV infection odds ratios 1.08,CI 0.89-1.30. Conclusion: There is need for caution when interpreting these result, becuse of likely temporal effect limitations

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