Determinants of HIV/AIDS Awareness among Garment Workers in Dhaka City, Bangladesh

Nazrul Mondal, Rajshahi University
Nazrul Hoque, University of Texas at San Antonio
Rafiqul Islam, Rajshahi University

This paper examines the determinants of HIV/AIDS awareness among garments workers in Dhaka City, Bangladesh. Two hundred garments workers were interviewed through a structured questionnaire using purposive sampling technique. The logistic regression model has been used for predicting of the probability occurrence of the events. The results revealed that the majority of garments workers (63.5%) are very young (18-27 years of age), almost all (97.5%) are literate and most of them (57.0%) used contraceptives. Importantly, most of the respondents (84.5%) knew that HIV/AIDS is a dangerous and life threatening disease. The logistic regression model identified that the respondents’ education level, contraceptive usage, mass media and HIV workshops have statistically positive significant effects on HIV/AIDS awareness. Various media campaigns are strongly suggested to increase the level of knowledge and awareness so that the spread of HIV as well as STDs among garments workers in Bangladesh can be controlled.

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Presented in Poster Session 4